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  • Name: Elaina Gregory
  • Aliases: Gregory Elaina
  • Profession:
  • Origin: United States, Arizona
  • Ethnicity:
  • Birthday: 0000-00-00 ( years old)
  • Eyecolor:
  • Haircolor:
  • Height: 4ft 12inch (1.52m)
  • Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
  • Cup: L - natural ()
  • Measurements: 41-31-41
  • Updated at: 2011-04-07
  • Sponsor: Scoreland

Elaina Gregory has enormous fun bags, but if you get in her way when she is swinging and swaying them around, then you're likely to get knocked over. They don't call boobs like hers knockers for no reason!

Elaina Gregory is a 5'0, 127 pound American model with brown hair and brown eyes and a 41-31-41 figure. While her weight doesn't seem too heavy on paper, this hottie from Arizona is a BBW model and just in case you were curious about the size of her tits, they are luscious L-cups and they are unbelievably 100 per cent all natural.

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