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Nikol W

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Nikol W is a blonde porn star coming from the Czech Republic, where she was born in the year 1984. She bacame famous and really popular during her teen years, when she became one of the models of the Lightspeed family. Lightspeed girls were really popular a few years ago and they still are of course, but this babes career didnt stop there.

When searching for more of Nikol W you can obviously use her most popular alias Courtney Lightspeed, but she has a ton more of them, for example : Andrea Wens, Andrea Randall, Rebecca ... or use her birth name Andrea Venclova or Wenclova. Hot blonde is 5 feet 3 inches tall, she weights 115lbs and her body measures 34B/24/34. She moved from a softcore solomodel rank to a hardcore pornstar queen, so I am sure you will like what she has to offer.

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